File Box

The workhorse of the industry ... fits both letter size and legal. One piece construction with attached hinged top. No need for tape. Easy setup.


Book Box

For books, tools, and rock collections. Also fits 33 rpm great … if you still have them. The heavier the item to be packed the smaller the box.



Pots and pans, lamp shades, small kitchen utensils, shoes & boots.



Linens, medium to large kitchen items, table lamps.



All the big stuff - quilts, woven baskets, pillows. Large items but light items.


Dish Barrels

A double thick container for fragile items - china, crystal, ceramics, and glass. Best used with the cell divider pack to separate the items.


Commercial Bin

Rugged and reusable. Designed for moving office and industrial sites. One piece pop up construction with slotted top.


Art Box

A 2 Piece Telescoping box designed for framed artwork and mirrors.


Cell Divider Assembly

Fits inside the dish barrel and includes a springboard base, large 4-slot Partition (25 pcs.), Square Pad, Small 3 Slot Partition (16 pcs.), Square Pad, Small 3 Slot Partition (16 pcs.)


Packing Tape

PVC Tape 2" Wide x 55 Yards per Roll


Tape Gun

Save your nails, skin and sanity. An absolute must when packing.


White Packing Paper

Comes in 25 pound bundles and sold at a buck a pound.




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